Rules and Regulations


  1. All items must be screened to ensure quality. You may do this in person or by emailing your pictures.
  2. The management reserves the right to remove articles, without refund, that have been falsely entered, or are deemed by the management unsuitable or objectionable. This also applies to commercial and imported items.
  3. The full amount due must be submitted at the time of screening and/or acceptance. We do not “hold” booths.
  4. If you plan to have additional helpers in your booth, they will need a show pass to get into the fair. Each booth will receive 2 passes that will be enclosed in the tax packet. You will need to pick up your packet at the check in table at the entrance as you arrive.  More passes can be purchased for $2 each. They are good for both days of the fair.
  5. When planning and setting up your booth, no parts can extend beyond the designated taped measurements. Due to fire code, no one can sit in the walkways.
  6. The booth set up time is on Friday, November 23rd from 7 am to 9:30 am. Please be ready as the show opens at 10:00 am.
  7. Taping or nailing on the walls is prohibited. You may attach banners and signs on your booth construction.  You must provide your own tables, table coverings and chairs.  Back-drops and side-dividers are optional but we do encourage them as they do look nice and set you apart from neighboring booths.  Pipe and Drape divider (from The Riverwoods) may also be rented.  See application.  Please do not lean any backdrops, etc, against the walls as they are either beautifully wall papered or paneled.
  8. No part of your booth or displays are to be dismantled or removed until the fair closes on Saturday.
  9. At the close of the show, please leave your booth area clean and remove any tape which marked your booth.
  10. ATTENTION ANYONE SELLING FOOD ITEMS: The Bear River Health Dept. requires those selling food items at craft shows to register with them.  Even though you may already have a food handler’s permit, you must obtain a special permit to do our show.  They can advise you of the fee.  Call 1-435-792-6570.  Their address is 85 East 1800 North in Logan.  Their website is   One of their agents will come and inspect the booths and permits.  Please have them clearly posted.
  11. If you purchased a plug, no cords can extend across walkways.
  12. You will be responsible to charge and collect tax. This is not a central check-out venue and we do not collect a commission from your sales.
  13. Most importantly, let’s have fun! We are so excited to have moved our show to this beautiful conference center.